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The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform offers business and personal users a virtual world that gives them boundless freedom to explore their sustainable innovation ideas. 


The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a business experience platform. It supports the value chain of every department – from marketing to sales to engineering.  

With this platform, you will generate positive user experiences and distinguish yourself from your competitors. 

  • Social and networked apps

  • 3D modelling apps 

  • Content and simulation apps

  • Information intelligence apps

  • Real time 3DEXPERIENCE platform

  • Industry solutions for 12 sectors

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform can be deployed for the following applications:

  • Engineering and development

  • Manufacturing and production 

  • Simulation

  • Governance

  • Life cycle management,

  • 3D engineering experiences  


ENOVIA SmarTeam is a powerful, flexible and networked out-of-the-box PLM
(product lifecycle management) solution that offers ideal options for engineering departments and small to medium sized enterprises. 


The new ENOVIA SmarTeam solutions version reinforces the customer’s decision in favor of  ENOVIA SmarTeam and protects the investment by supporting the latest operating systems, middleware and new CAD releases. 

Expand the functional scope of the ENOVIA SmarTeam Editor Webclient by closing the gaps in various areas through the deployment of the ENOVIA SmarTeam Editor Desktop Client :

  • Define the display program to use as a default for the depiction of certain types of files

  • Filter and adjust search results 

  • Activate quick search commands immediately after logging in


The user experience for X-CAD integrations has been optimized to attain increased productivity. This includes the following functions:


  • Recently opened documents are displayed in dialog field “Open from SmarTeam”

  • You can update the session with the latest changes made to the database (“load latest”)


The MS Office integration into ENOVIA SmarTeam has been simplified through the immersive SmarTeam menu tab, which works directly in MS Word and MS Excel.


ZOË Professional is an e-mail management and archiving system for e-mails and their attachments, documents and content. 


E-mail management is an important tool for archiving, data back-up and safeguarding the communications between individuals and companies. With ZOË Professional you consolidate the content of e-mail accounts and centrally archive their complete content.   


ZOË makes all information available on the company, department and project level. You will save valuable time when you search for information. 


  • Attachment & e-mail search on the company, department or project level

  • Systematic analysis
    (collection, analysis and depiction)

  • Compliance with legal mandates
    (Sarbanes Oxley, NASD, HIPAA, SEC)

  • E-mail date-based storage (long-term) and rules management

  • Monitoring protects intellectual property rights


  • Cloud only solution
    All e-mails are securely archived on the Cloud.


  • Cloud hybrid mails
    All mails are stored on the Cloud as well as locally at the customer’s end – on a hardware archive.


  • On site solution
    The e-mail archive server is located on customer’s premises.


  • Your One Tool to Integrate Data, Applications, and Things

  • Scribe’s integration software platforms can integrate your data and applications, whether your applications and databases are on your premises or in the cloud. Whether you prefer a cloud-based (iPaaS) or on-premises platform, Scribe will synchronize your data between disparate applications and do so in real-time.

  • Your data will always be up to date and consistent across systems. Plus, our no-code interfaces and tools are designed to accelerate your enterprise application integration (EAI) projects, whether you want to increase the efficiency of your integration developers or empower business analysts to take one some of the integration workload.

  • Scribe will help you get data flowing among all your systems and SaaS applications, including CRM, ERP, marketing automation, and collaboration systems.

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