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Welcome to Step-X GmbH


Product-Lifecycle-Management (PLM) is a concept that seamlessly integrates all information generated over the course of a product’s lifecycle. The concept is based on coordinated methods, processes and organizational structures. It usually deploys IT systems for data recording and administration.


PLM emerged from a more closely defined solution called product data management (PDM). In the early 21st century it evolved into the dominating paradigm of product development. As a result of PLM, enterprises hope to gain more effective control over their various processes required in every part of a lifecycle and thus transparent overviews of their expenses and earnings.


Hence, the concept’s capabilities comprise engineering (CAD), calculation (CAE) as well as production planning (equipment and technology), PPS and even sales planning, distribution logistics, end of life management as well as service and recycling issues. Consequently, PLM is a business concept that must be implemented in a custom-tailored manner for every company through suitable technical and organizational measures. 


The objective of all middleware is to enable communications between various applications. However, the company that deploys the middleware decides on the type of messaging to be used. 


As a rule, the decision depends on the services the company needs and the type of data and other information it aims to transfer through the middleware. 


Our personal service is at your disposal 365 days a year. We will ensure that you will be able to focus entirely on your core business.  


We offer:

  • Customer-oriented advice 

  • Professional IT support 

  • Comprehensive services and operational support

  • License management and

  • Assistance with tenders and procurement


Your sales team is an important force within your organization. The personal, professional interaction between customers and your employees makes valuable contributions to the success of your business.


Today, enterprises that achieve great success are reflections of their sales teams’ hard work. We will facilitate target group optimized sales training based on your specific needs in close coordination with you. 


  • Customer qualification/assessment 

  • Pipeline building

  • Territory planning 

  • Daily scheduling 

  • Telephone prospecting and sales

  • Handling objections 

  • Sales process planning + optimization

  • E-mail management


  • Sales folder 

  • Customized phone sales script 

  • Tailored territory planning

  • ZOË professional e-mail archiving account

  • Sales tool 

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