SMARTEAM solutions help companies that frequently occurring flood of data - from design, manufacture and maintenance - to convert into information that can be used across the enterprise.


Step-X offers several tools for SMARTEAM:


SmarTeam offers the following advantages:

SMARTEAM solutions optimize design and manufacturing processes by capturing product knowledge and facilitate access and reuse of information. This brings a tremendous advantage in handling and reworking of the management committee. You notice after a few days, the dramatic performance advantages in their work processes.

Through its robust product platform and enterprise supply chain collaboration tools, SmarTeam solutions lead your business into a virtual community, with a tremendous advantage. The companies are in a position to detect defects earlier, to make changes in the development cycle and adapt. They not only plan rate changes, but respond in real time to dynamic business requirements and thus accelerate projects and decisions.

SMARTEAM provides powerful and efficient tools for the implementation of intuitive, user-friendly, Windows-and Web interfaces. Optimize the learning curves of the search results with every phase of the project anew.


SMARTEAM solutions to improve manufacturing quality through process control and individual functions. They manage and automate workflow. We help companies in the industry to meet the quality standards and to take the opportunities to achieve added value through innovation.


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